Tile Grout Color Sealing

Color Sealing and Renewing Tile Grout Lines

Tile grout color sealing is the most effective technique to obtain perfect stain free grout lines. We start the process by cleansing with a mild product that removes all surface bacteria and dirt. Once the grout has been thoroughly cleaned, a color sealer is applied to the grout that will fill all the holes and voids that make the grout porous. Grout Works tile grout color sealing can be custom color matched to any shade of tile or grout. The customer has the option to match the original color or change the color of grout to any shade desired. Once the color sealer is applied the grout lines are protected from any stains, discoloration and bacteria entering the grout. Grout Works color sealing process is typically completed in one day and will not create any dust, debris or mess. Grout Works color sealing process is always guaranteed against cracking, chipping and peeling to ensure a lifetime of beautiful, clean grout lines. If you are tired of dirty, discolored grout lines ruining the look of your tile, call Grout Works Northern Illinois, Inc. to speak with a professional today and have \ stain free grout lines tomorrow!

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