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Grout Works is a Service that will Clean, Repair, Seal and Color Grout

Grout Works of Northern Illinois, Inc. serves the Bollingbrook IL area for all your grout and caulking needs. Our grout technicians are experienced in all aspects of Bathroom Grout and Caulk Renewedgrouting and tile repair services including grout recoloring, grout color sealing, cracked grout repair, bathtub mildew removal and  tile and grout cleaning.

Our team at the local Bollingbrook IL Grout Works takes their job seriously.  We respect your home or business and treat it like it is our own.

Our Bollingbrook IL Grout Repair Technicians

Through our specialized training, we know the ABC’s of grout and caulk maintenance and we are dedicated to providing our customers with quality service at competitive prices. We will service all of your bathroom and kitchen grout needs with our special guarantee.  Our grout product is guaranteed against cracking, chipping, peeling and stains.  Finally!  Grout lines that stay clean.

Grout Works of Northern Illinois, Inc. in Bollingbrook IL provides professional repair and installation for just about any bathroom or kitchen grouting need, commercial or residential. Our goal is to help all of our customers keep their bathroom and kitchen grout and caulk in tip-top condition, and we’re ready to put our experience to work for you. With our expertise, full stock of grouting, caulking and tile repair supplies, and dedication to taking great care of our clients, our Bollingbrook IL Grout Works grout service is your answer for grout and caulk installation and repair done right the first time.

Bollingbrook IL Grout Maintenance Service

For both residential and commercial customers, Grout Works is pleased to offer professional grout maintenance service. Our grout technicians are available to repair grout and caulk in residential, commercial and industrial new construction and remodeling projects.  We are your one-stop shop for grout maintenance service. Our professional Bollingbrook IL grout maintenance servicers provide efficient, effective, and precise workmanship to bring you the very best quality and performance. So whether you’re looking to retrofit your home for your kitchen or bath remodel, are adding an addition onto the house, or need grout installed for a new construction building, the Grout Works experts are ready for the job.

Call today for:

  • Tile Grout Cleaning and Caulking
  • Tile Grout Color Sealing
  • Tile Grout and Caulk Repair
  • Shower Grout and Caulk Restoration
  • Granite, Marble and other Natural Stone Care
  • Tile Replacement
  • Recaulking
  • Regrouting
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial


Bollingbrook IL Bath and Shower Restoration Service

Cracked caulk? Missing grout? Leaking into walls? Un-cleanable mildew on your tub or shower? If you’re experiencing the hassle and annoyance of that dirty, un-cleanable bathroom or kitchen, then Grout Works of Northern Illinois, Inc. in Bollingbrook IL can help. Our master techs are experts at making that grout and caulk look brand new. So when you’re facing the mess and stress of cracked, leaking or stained grout, don’t settle for a temporary quick-fix that comes in a bottle–call the professionals at Grout Works for complete, correct, affordable grout repair!

And don’t forget, our Bollingbrook IL technicians also offer granite sealing, marble sealing, patio paver sealing and blue stone or other natural stone cleaning and sealing.  Keep your investment safe by maintaining these expensive home additions.  Grout Works is here to help.   Call now to learn more.



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